Trade Department opens 3 Day entrepreneurship program

Upcoming entrepreneurs in Nakuru County stand to benefit from valuable Training.

Today Ms Edith Kimani, Chief Officer, Ministry of Trade, Industrialization, Cooperatives and Tourism, graced the opening of a 3 Day Business and Entrepreneurship workshop for upcoming entrepreneurs in Nakuru. The event was organized by the Kenya Institute of Business Training (KIBT) and Nakuru Regional Centre, an Institution under the Ministry of Trade, Industrialization, Cooperatives and Tourism.

The three day Program will cover the Basics of Entrepreneurship, Business Registration, Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (YAGPO), Productivity and Quality Management, Records Keeping, Marketing and contemporary business issues.

In her opening remarks, Ms Edith Kimani applauded the participants, comprising of youth, women and persons with disability (PWD), who turned up for the program saying that they had made a bold step towards getting necessary training and insight to start and grow their own businesses. She said the Ministry of Trade will organize for more workshops in future for youths in each Sub County.

Ms Edith Kimani, Chief Officer for Trade, Industrialization, Cooperatives and Tourism addressing participants at the 3 day business & entrepreneurship workshop in Nakuru Town.

She encouraged them to embrace the entrepreneurship, terming it as a good option for youth to grow their own businesses and create job opportunities. Furthermore, Ms Edith encouraged them to register their businesses and take advantage of the National Government’s directive for 30% tender opportunities reserved for special groups (Youth, Women and PWS’s)

In addition, the youths with already established businesses or those who are in the process of starting their own businesses after the training will be able to benefit from the Business Development Fund which will be available soon at the Ministry of Trade.

Concerning the ownership and registration of the Lock-up Kiosks, Business permits and Licenses, Ms Edith said that the Ministry of Trade has come up with the Trade Bill which will guide on the construction, issuance and registration of the up to standard structures as well as issuance of Trade Licenses. She said that Nakuru County will be upgraded soon to be the city, therefore everything, including the Lock-up Kiosks and Markets should be up to the standard according to the City Act.

In conculsion, Ms Edith urged participants to use Social Media in the right way to do business, market their products and also market Nakuru County’s available resources and tourist sites. “Nakuru town has several Wi-Fi hot spots, and you should make use of them” said Ms Edith.

Source: Amos Bett – Ministry of Trade and Industrialization

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