Subukia is an electoral constituency in Kenya and is one of eleven constituencies in Nakuru County. The constituency has three wards, all of which elect Members of County Assembly (MCA) for the Nakuru County Assembly. The constituency was formerly known as Nakuru North Constituency. 

Subukia is widely known for the Subukia National shrine which was named the Village of Mary Mother of God in 1984 by the late Michael Cardinal Maurice Otunga.

Pilgrims fetch “holy water” at the Subukia Shrine. The shrine, located in Nakuru County, has become famous and attracts people of faith and others from all over Kenya and beyond.

Many who visit this place know it as the Subukia National Shrine. It is still a famous shrine in Nakuru’s Subukia Sub-County that attracts many visitors daily. “Subukia” is a Maasai word pronounced “isupuku,” meaning “higher grounds.” The name aptly fits the location of this famous shrine, which is 210 kilometres west of Nairobi and 40 kilometres from Nakuru.

The shrine, which has attracted both Christians and non-Christians since it was started in 1985, is owned by the Kenya Episcopal Conference and managed by the Franciscan Friars. The fact that Subukia is geographically at the centre of Kenya makes it suitable for bringing together people from all parts of Kenya and beyond. Subukia is also a meeting place of two hemispheres, as the equator runs through it.

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