The name Nakuru means "a dusty place" derived from the Masai language, this was due to the massive whirlwinds associated with the area. It is a cosmopolitan county, with it's population originating from all the major tribes in Kenya.



Nakuru County is home to the fourth largest town in Kenya and the administrative capital of the former Rift Valley Province. It is one of the most cosmopolitan counties in Kenya with a sizable population of Kenyans of Indian and European descent.  People from different regions of the country have added a unique flavor to the county. It hosts a number of towns such as Lanet, Njoro, Gilgil and Naivasha a popular tourist destination.

Economy of Nakuru County

Agriculture is the backbone of the county’s economy with food crops, horticulture and cash crops, dairy and beef  as common products.

Tourism contributes to the county’s economy accounting for almost seventy percent of incomes to some of the local governments in the county. The county is famous for Flamingoes at Lake Nakuru a popular tourist attraction. However, it also host a large number of animal and bird species. Opportunities exist in further development of Hotels, Resorts and Lodges to take advantage of the many tourists who visit the county.

The county enjoys favorable climatic conditions with forests cover in large sections. They are also sources of a number of streams and rivers draining to Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha and Lake Elementaita some of the country’s water catchment areas.

A sizeable manufacturing sector with potential for further growth exists in the county.


Current population in Nakuru County stands at 2,000,000 people (2009 National Census / KNBS)

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